Dushyanth Weeraman Dushyanth Weeraman in today's modern entertainment erena is recognized as a triple threat with raved talents as an accomplished international Singer, A-list box office record setting Sri Lankan-Hollywood Actor, nationally loved dancing super star/Choreographer and an entrepreneur with impressive business acumen with a proven track record.

Dushyanth's multiple avenues of talents have entertained the entire nation since year 2004. Having the largest social media network as a solo artiste in Sri Lanka, it is a good indication of Dushyanth's established and yet ever growing fame & popularity. Being a known as a versatile and multifaceted artiste Dushyanth has been successfully appealing to almost all demographics in Sri Lanka.

Educated and skilled in his artistry Dushyanth is a true entertainer! Hence Dushyanth has been steadily progressing in the industry and continuously discovering new trends to keep the fans engaged and entertained. Dushyanth is one of the only known artists to have continuously progress and collaborated on projects from industries of Sri Lanka, Hollywood and Bollywood.


  • Dushyanth Won the TOYP-Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka Award for 2013 for his contribution to Music, Art and Culture.
  • "Winter Jam 2011" was a musical production that was held in Anaheim Convention Center in California of USA. It feature some of the biggest and renowned stars of the west, with names included such as 2 time Grammy Award winner T-Pain, Multi-platinum selling rapper, Waka Flocka Flame, singing sensation Baby Bash, legendary rapper Too Short and multiple other artist. D-Star Dushyanth Weeraman Dushyanth made history by being the first Sri Lankan to ever share the center stage with names as this big and perform his original music to a standing ovation of 9,000 plus people.
  • Dushyanth's song "Just The Fact" featured a collaboration with India's number one male playback singer Sonu Niggam and highly acclaimed and internationally renowned Bollywood music producer and singer Aadesh Shrivastava.
  • The movie "A Common Man" was a career defining movie where Dushyanth acted alongside Hollywood acclaimed Sir Ben Kingsly and Ben Cross. This was the first Sri Lankan production to be released in Hollywood. "A common man" also secured awards at the European Film Festival for "Best Movie", "Best Actor" and Best Director".
  • In year 2009, representing Sri Lanka Dushyanth Weeraman became the 2nd Runner-Up in the "South Asian Super Star".
  • In 2006 Dushyanth represented Sri Lanka in the "9th Shanghai Music Festival" and won the Excellent Singer Award.
  • Artiste Aloud and Hungamma Bolloywood "Featured Artiste of the month" (December 2012)
  • Raghav, an international music sensation with multiple chart topper tour Sri Lanka in 2006 where Dushyanth did the concert opening performance on the tour show.
  • Vocals in Amitabh Bachchan 70th birthday song
  • "According to Mathew" is another Hollywood movie production in which Dushyanth has been casted.


Jackson Anthony

Dushyanth malli when you had performed all i wanted was to find out more about you. And i'm sure there will be many like me coming in search for you in the future... you are great!

Ravindra Randeniya

Dear Dushyanth, with your performances on stage you have managed to bring tears to my eyes. Tears of pride...

Diliup Gabadamudalige

This is one of the best web sites I've seen. I have known Dushyanth since 2003 when he auditioned to take part in our musical GUTTILA. He went on to do the lead role of GUTTILA! Dushyanth is a great performer. I wish him all the very best in life. Dushyanth, you have made Sri Lanka proud! And i'm happy too... Dushyanth, I can only share your happiness cos I feel so happy and proud that you have reached so high.

Aruna Siriwardena

Dushyanth, it is only a coincidence that you are a brother of a super star(Santhush Weeraman)!

Jerome De Silva

Dushyanth, you are one of the most versatile artist that I have ever worked with. You have it all. You are a full package.